• We are making roll moulding with 2 pieces of acid-resine sand moulding system with the capacity of 10 tons/hour and 5 tons/hour each.
  • All mounds for roll casting are designed for increasing the rolls quality to a top level


  • We have 4 induction furnaces in our foundry. The capacities of our induction furnaces are 5 tons, 4 tons, 750 kg and 500 kg.
  • We are capable of getting 10 tons liquid metal in one charge.


  • Rolmak Casting is increasing the casting quality with the application of new technologies since its foundation.
  • We are producing and designing the rolls with the application of special calculation methods in order to minimize the casting defects.


  • We have 2 heat treatment furnaces working with full capacity in our factory.
  • We are applying heat treatment for each rolls for the homogenization of internal structure and also we apply different types of heat treatment to the rolls according to their usage in the mill for increasing their performance.


  • The rolls which we cast in our foundry are precise machined with our own machining equipments.